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Tori & Daniel

12th of December 2020

After already postponing their wedding day once, Tori & Daniel decided to move forward with a intimate, casual getaway wedding at The Dargo River Inn.
With breathtaking views in ever direction you look, Dargo is a perfect backdrop for a fun relaxed wedding.

Tori wore a stunning gown from Essense of Australia, and while she looked absolutely amazing, Tori & Daniels daughter Charlotte stole the show, even managing to commandeer the microphone during the ceremony and cheer along and laugh the loudest, such a cutie.

Grazing platters and drinks kept the relaxed vibe going, before the real drinks began flowing and the stories began to be told,
(I love hearing speeches you can really get to know your couples on another level when those stories start coming out)
No seriously, Tori & Daniel are an amazing couple, they began dating young, and while Daniel toured they soon learnt being separated from each other just didnt feel right, they where in love and wanted to always be together.

The sunset was epic, and when your that high up in the mountain range its right there just for you!

Venue: Dargo River Inn - Celebrant: Annette James - Dress: Essense of Australia - Hair: Emma Jean - Flowers: Van Berkel Florist - Cake: Creative Cakes by Suzanne 

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