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Wedding Photography Packages

Are you after a memorable, authentic photography experience with out all those cheesy moments?

Your in the right spot!

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If you are here you are either in the very early stages of planning your wedding day or have began ticking off the to do list. Planning a wedding is such an exciting time, let me help you enjoy the experience from Start to End!

Along with capturing those timeless wedding photos, I also don’t want to keep you from enjoying your celebration, and totally understand not all weddings are the same, this is why I offer 3 collections, each designed to suit what is most important to you. 

Prices start from $2500.00.

Collection One: Short & Sweet

 - 6 Hours of Coverage

- Online gallery

Collection Two: Picture Perfect

 - 8 Hours of Coverage

- Online gallery

- USB & Personalised Print Box

- Three 8x12" Mounted Professional Fine Art Prints

Collection Three: Simply the Best

- 10 Hours of Coverage

- Second Photographer

- Online Gallery

- USB & Personalised Print Box

- 10x10" Boutique Wedding Album

Id love to hear more about your love story,
Contact me today for a copy of my full price guide or to have a chat.

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Tangible items to touch and hold.

I am a strong believer in printing your photos, technology is great it gives us a camera in our pocket, we all have 1000's of photos, how often do you look back? How many of you have lost a phone, or had a USB or computer completely stop working?

Your wedding photos will be living in your hard drive and cloud, but lets get some printed so you can see them every day and remember the moments.

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